Miss Megan Martin

Miss Megan Martin

2nd Dan (2nd Degree) World Taekwondo Chungdokwan Federation Certified Black Belt

Started Taekwondo in:


My favorite kick is:

A 360 kick

One of my favorite forms is:

Ge-Baek because I love the complexity of the form. It’s a form that you can really get into and show your intensity. You are constantly turning and never stay in the same spot for long.

One of the life lessons I’ve learned from Taekwondo is:

No matter what happens in life, no matter how tough things get, NEVER give up. To push through the hard things in life, and to not let any negative thoughts get into your head.

One of the things I love about helping other students is:

To see them succeed. It feels amazing to watch a student pass a test with flying colors, and to be able to say that I taught them that. It’s the best!

One of the things I like about Miamitown Martial Arts is:

It encourages people to interact with one another. I used to be super shy and wouldn’t talk to anyone I didn’t know, but now, if you talk about something i’m interested in, I won’t shut up. You’ll always know that if you’re going through something hard in your life, there will always be a friend there to help you get through it. It’s a safe place; a place that instantly puts a smile on my face whenever I walk into the room because I know, no matter how bad of a day I’ve had, it’s about to get better.